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Who is the Queensland Chapter?

The 2023/25 Pride in Law Queensland Chapter Committee includes:

What's happening?

Queensland was the birthplace of Pride in Law in 2017! 

Check out the Events page, follow Pride in Law on social media or reach out to the committee for the latest information. ​​

The Queensland Chapter is very proud to organise the Pride in Law Award (details below) together with an Annual Address in November every year featuring a keynote speaker.

What's the Pride in Law Award?

Each year the Pride in Law Award, supported by the Queensland Law Society, recognises and rewards outstanding contribution and commitment to the practice of LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the legal profession.


When can I nominate someone?

The Pride in Law Award is part of the Queensland Law Society Excellence in Law Awards. Queensland Law Society will launch the nomination process and announce when nominations are due. We will update this section when that occurs.

What is the criteria?

  • Leadership (marked out of 20) - Nominee must demonstrate outstanding leadership addressing LGBTIQA+ inclusion in Queensland.

  • Advocacy (marked out of 15) - Nominee must demonstrate how they have advocated on LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the legal and broader community in Queensland.

  • Inclusion (marked out of 15) - Nominee can articulate the intended impact of LGBTIQA+ inclusive work in the community.

Who are the past recipients?

  • 2023 - Jason Garrick, leading family, domestic violence and child protection lawyer who advocates for representation and inclusion of LGBTIQA+ people in sport.

  • 2022 - Matilda Alexander, influential advocate for various organisations to enhance the advancement of the needs, rights and lives of LGBTIQA+ people.

  • 2021 - Emile McPhee, leading finance and property lawyer who led the LGBTI Legal Service and coordinates LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the community sector.

  • 2020 - Stephen Page, internationally regarded as a leading surrogacy lawyer who has presented and advocated around the world for LGBTIQA+ inclusion.

Who are the past committee members?

Click "Read more" to see the details of all our past committee members. 2021/23 - Pride in Law Queensland Chapter Committee -President - Michael Bidwell -Vice President - Dr Brooke Thompson -Treasurer - Duncan MacDougall -Secretary - Julia Paino -Events Coordinator - Ethan Henwood -Indigenous Officer - Ivan Ingram (2021/22) and Allira Jeffery (2022/23) -Advocacy Officer - Ellie Hansson -Membership Enquiries Officer - Ryan Stehlik (2021/22) and Louis Laing (2022/23) 2019/21 - Pride in Law Queensland Chapter Committee -President - Dean Clifford-Jones -Vice President - Michael Bidwell Treasurer - Emily Phillips Secretary - Yasmin Murry Events Coordinator - Reanna Fogarty Indigenous Coordinator - Ivan Ingram Membership Enquiries Officer - Edward Quinn

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