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Each year the Pride in Law Award, supported by the Queensland Law Society, recognises and rewards outstanding contribution and commitment to the practice of LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the legal profession in Queensland.



Pride in Law Award - Commonly asked questions.

1️⃣ When will the inaugural Pride in Law Award be announced? The recipient of the award will be advised by early November on the year of award, while the wider community will be informed at Pride in Law’s annual address (COVID-19 precautions permitting). If the annual address is not possible, arrangements will be made for the award recipient. 


2️⃣ Will the Pride in Law Award have a list of finalists advertised? No, only the award recipient will be announced. While we know there are many great advocates in the legal profession, it is our intention that only the award recipient will be announced.


3️⃣ Do you need to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/ trans, intersex, queer or questioning, and asexual (LGBTIQA+) and/ or as a member of the rainbow community? No, anyone in the Queensland legal profession is encouraged to be nominated, which includes our rainbow allies. Above all, the individual must have demonstrated a long term commitment to addressing LGBTIQA+ inclusion and advocated for change within workplaces, through academia, legal and/or social systems for a minimum for 3 years. All award criteria, eligibility requirements and selection processes are accessible online. 


4️⃣ Can I nominate myself for the Pride in Law Award? This award requires another person to nominate you. Further, letter/s of reference are encouraged. Importantly, we require the nominating person to speak with the nominee.


5️⃣ Are Pride in Law’s Executive Committee eligible to be nominated? No. While Pride in Law members are encouraged to be nominated, the Pride in Law Executive Committee are ineligible. 


6️⃣ Is the Pride in Law Award open worldwide? No, this award is supported by the Queensland Law Society. This award is open to all members of the Society and/or members of Pride in Law and/or members of the Bar Association of Queensland. The nominee must:

  • Be an individual (organisations can nominate an individual)

  • Be a member of QLS (full or associate membership), and/or be a member of Pride in Law, and/or be a member of the Bar Association of Queensland, and/or be a current or former Judicial Officer

  • Be Queensland-based.


7️⃣ Can I submit a nomination in person, by post or email? No, all nominations must be submitted via the Queensland Law Society’s online platform. 


8️⃣ Does it cost any money to nominate for the Pride in Law Award? This award is freely open to anyone with internet access with no costs incurred in the nomination process or judging. 


9️⃣ How will the Pride in Law be judged? The selection criteria is as followed: 

  • ⚖️ Leadership (marked out of 20) 

    • Nominee must demonstrate outstanding leadership addressing LGBTIQA+ inclusion in Queensland.

  • ⚖️ Advocacy (marked out of 15) 

    • Nominee must demonstrate how they have advocated on LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the legal and/or broader community in Queensland.

  • ⚖️ Inclusion (marked out of 15) 

    • Nominee can articulate the intended impact of LGBTIQA+ inclusive work in the community.


🔟 What is the closing date and time for the nomination? All nominations must be submitted electronically with the date to be announced each year. 

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